June 22, 2022

MSW Client Wins NAIOP MIXED-USE DEAL OF THE YEAR at 35th Annual Gala

Murphy Schiller‭ ‬&‭ ‬Wilkes LLP‭ (‬MSW‭) ‬is proud to have played an important role in what was recently awarded‭ ‬“Mixed-Use Deal of the Year”‭ ‬at NAIOP’s 35th Annual Gala‭. ‬The HalRay Newark Portfolio is a three-building portfolio totaling approximately 800,000‭ ‬SF of office/retail‭ ‬space with a 901-space parking deck in Downtown Newark‭, ‬New Jersey‭. ‬

The sponsors have planned around‭ $‬40M of capital improvements with the focus of social and economic impact in mind‭. ‬The goal is to drive further activity along the Halsey Corridor with the end goal of radiating that activity throughout the city‭. ‬MSW acted as lead counsel in connection with multiple aspects of the‭ ‬deal‭, ‬including the acquisition‭, ‬financing‭, ‬and leasing‭. ‬Congratulations to everyone involved in this exciting deal‭, ‬including the Hanini Group‭, ‬Shift Capital‭, ‬Colnvestment Partners‭, ‬and JLL Capital Markets‭.‬

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