January 16, 2023


Newark‭, ‬NJ‭, ‬January 17‭, ‬2023‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬Murphy Schiller‭ ‬&‭ ‬Wilkes‭ (‬MSW‭) ‬is pleased to announce that Christopher A‭. ‬Watson has joined the firm as Director of Planning and Development Services‭. ‬In this role‭, ‬Christopher will help clients navigate the ever-complicated‭ ‬bureaucratic maze associated with New Jersey’s real estate development process‭. ‬With a special focus on the City of Newark‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬New Jersey’s largest city‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬his role at the firm will involve advising clients in all aspects of development planning and implementation‭. ‬Whether helping a client through the initial design phase‭, ‬the site plan approval process‭, ‬securing permits‭, ‬or obtaining a certificate of occupancy‭, ‬his unparalleled understanding of the people and the process involved will make him a valuable part of any‭ ‬project team‭. ‬

Prior to joining MSW‭, ‬Christopher served as City Planning Officer‭ (‬Director of City Planning‭) ‬for the City of Newark‭, ‬New Jersey‭. ‬In that capacity he was able to advance key policy initiatives for the administration of Mayor Ras J‭. ‬Baraka‭, ‬including the adoption of the City’s latest ten-year master plan‭, ‬Newark360‭, ‬the winner of New Jersey’s American Planning Association 2022‭ ‬Planning Excellence award for Plan of the Year‭. ‬He is a national subject matter expert in planning and development‭. ‬“We are incredibly excited to have Christopher Watson join our growing team‭. ‬He is a seasoned professional‭, ‬who has played in active role in shaping the Newark skyline under Mayor Baraka’s administration‭. ‬His experience will be instrumental in our continued commitment to providing clients with strategies to expedite the development process‭,‬”‭ ‬says Chris J‭. ‬Murphy‭, ‬partner and leader of the firm’s Land Use‭, ‬Zoning and Redevelopment practice group‭.

Murphy Schiller‭ ‬&‭ ‬Wilkes LLP is a boutique law firm specializing in commercial real estate and development matters‭. ‬Headquartered in Newark‭, ‬NJ‭, ‬the firm was founded to provide effective‭, ‬efficient‭, ‬and creative legal services to meet the distinctive needs‭ ‬of our clients‭. ‬Through the development of comprehensive legal strategies‭, ‬our team works tirelessly to create a blueprint for‭ ‬success and advance our clients’‭ ‬interests in every matter‭. ‬For press inquiries‭, ‬please feel free to call Chris Murphy at‭ (‬973‭) ‬705-7421‭ ‬or email cmurphy@murphyllp.com‭. ‬

Murphy Schiller & Wilkes LLP (MSW) is a boutique law firm servicing the commercial real estate and construction industries. Headquartered in Newark, New Jersey, the firm services the commercial real estate and construction industries. Through the development of comprehensive legal strategies, our team works tirelessly to create a blueprint for success and advance our clients’ interests in every matter.